LITT103.FM is more than a radio station. It is a hub, headquarters & platform for hip-hop and the progress of culture. From entreprenuers, leaders, innovators, creators, entertainers, & more. LITT looks to be a staple in the community for all the litt artists with quality music that doesn't qualify as commercial



CEO & Manager

A talented poet & published author. This 23 years old entrepreneur was born in Brooklyn, NY & raised in The Poconos of Pennsylvania.



Chief of Sales

Aka KandymanKai AKA Kairo Mark AKA Your mothers favorite; so get the big piece chicken is the Lead Salesman for Litt.103's sales team. KandymanKai got his name by selling candy, chocolate bars, chips, cookies, and any other snack you could think of from his backpack anywhere he goes for years since he was 7. He has been apart of chorus and show choir and was picked for numerous solos (dancing and singing), and was also leading and choreographing dances for high school show choirs and step teams respectively. Additionally, during his highschool year was a featured anchor on his highschool morning announcement team. Kai was also selected to participate is Morehouses project identity program in 2014, graduated and was voted most like to be CEO the summer before entering highschool. Kairo is teaching Hip-Hop dance classes, managing an online clothing store all while still finding time to lean how to mix master and record music and hold a job makes KandymanKai #LITTVERIFIED Yah Dig!?



Marketing Director

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